2015 Quarterly Challenges

~Quarter 1~

Hosted by Jamie
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Hosted by Susan A
December 21, 2014 - March 19, 2015

Read 1/20

1. Published in Jan: Moving In Rhythm by Dev Bentham
2. Snow or ice on the cover: Sleigh Ride by Heidi Cullinan
3. Color of title is white: Zombie Boys by T.J Klune
4. Set in Japan: Of Honor and Love by S.J Frost
5. Christmas decorations on the cover: If I Must by Amy Lane ★★★★ 12/24
6. Christmas theme: I'll Be Hot For Christmas by Evangeline Anderson
7. #2 in series: Champion by Jet Mykles
8. Gifted book: Mask by Teodora Kostova
9. First in series: An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride
10. N E W in the authors's name: Breaking Point by N.R Walker
11. 19th position on any page of your TBR: Savage Sanctuary by Jacqueline Barbary
12. Dr. King Quote- Content: Bless Us With Content by Tinnean
13. 26 in pg count: (264) A Minor Inconvenience by Sarah Granger
14. Flip A Coin: Heads- After the Fall by L.A Witt
15. Heart on cover: Hearts and Flour by Tara Lain
16. Hugging: When I Fall by Belinda McBride
17. VALENTINE: Acrobat by Mary Calmes
18. Alpha male: Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux
19. Year of the Goat - Musician: Aria by Shira Anthony
20. Green: Bayou's End by Lynn Lorenz

Periodic Table Challenge: 
Hosted by Amanda
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Read 0/68

Metalloids 0/18

B: Boron
B- Bad Boyfriend by K.A Mitchell

Si: Silicon
S- Semper Fi by Kiera Andrews
i- Into the Wind by Shira Anthony

Ge: Germanium
G- Ghost from the Past by Carol Lynne
e- Exposed by Skylar M. Cates

As: Arsenic
A- Alien N Outlaw by K.C Burn
s- Sonny's Salvation by Carol Lynne

Sb: Antimony
S- Sinders and Ash by Tara Lain
b- Bad Attitude by K.A Mitchell

Te: Tellurium
T- Timber Pack Chronicles by Rob Colton
e- Erno, Jeff -- We Danced

Po: Polonium
P- Plakcy, Neil S. -- Three Wrong Turns in the Desert
o- Oliver, Lisa --  The Runaway Cat

A- Alien N Outlaw by K.C Burn
R- Rhys Ford -- Clockwork Tangerine
S- Sonny's Salvation by Carol Lynne
E- Extinction by Carol lynne
N- North, Vanessa -- High and Tight
I- Inside Out by Jordan Castillo Price
C- Chase, T.A -- Wishing for a Home

Alkaline earth metals 0/16

Be: Beryllium
B- Berrisford, Kay -- Catching Kit
e- Every Shattered Dream part 1 by T.A Chase

Mg: Magnesium
M- Mending Noel by Charlie Cochet
g- Grey's Awakening by Cameron Dane

Ca: Calcium
C- Champion by Jet Mykles
a- Aria by Shira Anthony

Sr: Strontium
S- [book:Shooting Star|11503428]
r- [book:A Reason To Stay|20559181]

Ba: Barium
B- Bradford, Bailey -- Yes Forever part 4
a- After the Fall by L.A Witt

Ra: Radium
R- Rules of Engagement by L.A Witt
a- Acrobat by Mary Calmes

B- Bradford, Bailey -- Yes Forever part 4
A- After the Fall by L.A Witt
R- Rhys Ford -- Duck Duck Ghost
I- In His Pocket by Erica Pike
U- Unsettled Interlude by Kaje Harper
M- More Than Friends by Aria Grace

Lanthanoids 0/34

La: Lanthanum
L- [author:Lynn Lorenz|1496392] ([book:Bayou's End|12642872])
a- [book:A Minor Inconvenience|18670544]

<i>Ce: Cerium</i>
C- [book:Confessions|12934782]
e- [book:Every Shattered Dream|18365423] part 3

<i>Pr: Praseodymium</i>
P- [book:Past Hurts|22305545]
r- [book:Risking It All|15995612]

<i>Nd: Neodymium</i>
N- [author:N.R. Walker|5819370] ([book:Breaking Point|18215750])
d- [book:Dark Horse|8262408]

<i>Pm: Promethium</i>
P- [author:Piper Vaughn|5029054] ([book:More Than Moonlight|12090541])
m- [author:Jet Mykles|49028] ([book:Heaven Sent|2033269])

<i>Sm: Samarium</i>
S- [book:Second Chances|16045520]
m- [book:Mongrel|9596433]

<i>Eu: Europium</i>
E- [book:Every Shattered Dream|18365426] part 4
u- [book:Up in Arms|16046441]

<i>Gd: Gadolinium</i>
G- [author:Sandrine Gasq-Dion|5619151] ([book:A Fighting Man|19109939])
d- [author:Dev Bentham|5682093] ([book:Moving in Rhythm|13459110])

<i>Tb: Terbium</i>
T- [author:T.A. Chase|2737023] ([book:Home of His Own|6059115])
b- [author:Bailey Bradford|3087007] ([book:Yes, Forever|18044921] part 5)

<i>Dy: Dysprosium</i>
D- [author:Derekica Snake|3023964] ([book:Cake|9362495])
y- [book:Yes, Forever|17730854] part 1

<i>Ho: Holmium</i>
H- [book:Hawk's Landing|11042756]
o- [book:Of Honor and Love|13701725]

<i>Er: Erbium</i>
E- [book:Every Shattered Dream|18365420] part 2
r- [author:Abigail Roux|1122775] ([book:Cross & Crown|20764021])

<i>Tm: Thulium</i>
T- [author:T.A. Chase|2737023] ([book:Every Shattered Dream|18455021] part 5)
m- [book:Making it Personal|18068487]

<i>Yb: Ytterbium</i>
Y- [book:Yes, Forever|17839979] part 2
b- [author:Bailey Bradford|3087007] ([book:Yes, Forever|17839983] part 3)

<i>Lu: Lutetium</i>
L- [author:Amy Lane|151973] ([book:Talker's Redemption|9856070])
u- [book:Understanding Jeremy|22575665]

C- [book:Confessions|12934782]
E- [book:Every Shattered Dream|18365423] part 3
R- [author:River Jaymes|7136995] ([book:The Boyfriend Mandate|22692930])
I- [book:Initiation|20937501]
U- [book:An Uncommon Whore|7644545]
M- [author:Mary Calmes|3152411] ([book:Old Loyalty, New Love|18877142])

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