Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Dreaming- A Military Homecoming Romance by Michelle Fox


Rebecca’s husband, Kane, is a man of mystery and action. As an elite Navy Seal, he’s gone for long periods of time working on top secret missions. She never knows when her husband will return and the wait is often lonely.

While away on his latest mission, Kane has come up with some creative ways to keep the home fires burning even if he can’t call or email. And then the dreams start. Strange, vivid dreams of Kane; his strength, his touch, his scent.

Every morning, Becca wakes up convinced it’s all real, yet her bed remains empty...until one unforgettable night she has the best dream of all.

Dreaming is a short but steamy romance of approximately 10,000 words about a woman standing by her man while he serves his country. Please note this is not a novel, it is a short, quick read--the perfect length for a romantic bed time story.

My Thoughts:

Michelle Fox hits another one out of the park! I love reading Michelle's stories. Her writing is excellent and easy to breeze through.
I really enjoyed Becca and Kane's story. It was a happy ending that a lot of military families never get. The romance of the couple was hot add to that their quirky pets, and the story was fantastic!
I highly recommend this story as well as many of Michelle's other books.

Overall Rating: 5*

Dreaming on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Michelle Fox on Goodreads.

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