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Promo: Secret Fire (Uniform Encounters #5) by Morticia Knight

Fireman or Cop – Who Would You Choose?

What a choice, right? I mean, I’d be happy with either one. Of course, two is even better, so that was what I decided to go with for Secret Fire. A sexy, rough around the edges Fire Marshal and an oh-so-delectable cop. They also like things a little raunchy and bring out the nasty in each other. In the midst of all of their dirty good times, something else happens – something like love. But first, they have to get past their initial dislike of one another. Amazing what those raging hormones can accomplish?

Police officer Zach and Fire Marshal Daryl would be perfect together—if they would ever quit fighting long enough to find out. A devastating fire and the secret behind it almost keeps them from getting what they really need—each other.

Mesa police officer Zach is a fun-loving guy. Now that he’s hit the big three-oh, he’s looking to stop the hook-up train and find someone he can get serious about. When a mutual friend suggests Fire Marshal Daryl, Zach assumes he must be joking. The surly marshal has given cranky a new meaning. It’s unfortunate, though, since he is one fine-looking man.     
Daryl has sworn off relationships ever since he caught his ex-partner cheating. He’s always taken everything in life seriously—from jobs to relationships—and is afraid he might be alone in that regard. Certain he can’t risk love again, he panics when he sees his secret crush Zach approaching him at a police versus firemen softball game. He’s nervous, as he is socially challenged with a tendency to blurt out the wrong things. It gets worse when he realises their shared buddy gave Zach a push. He assumes that Zach is only talking to him out of pity.
Zach has been pissed off at Daryl ever since they got into a verbal sparring match at the park. Yet, when Daryl comes to his aid during an explosive fire, Zach wonders what secrets might be hidden beneath the layers Daryl has built to protect himself from the world—and love. A night of passion turns into the possibility of something more as they struggle to find their way to one another. But all of that is threatened when there is a devastating fire that causes many people to lose their lives. As they work together to uncover the truth, someone thinks they’ve asked too many questions—and plans to stop them before they can ask any more.

Excerpt From Secret Fire (Uniform Encounters 5)

“Come on, darlin’, put your legs up on my shoulders. I need inside of you now.”
Fuck yeah.
“Is the whole edging thing over with? Please, dear God?”
Daryl laughed lightly. “No more edging. For tonight.”
He pressed the head of his dick against Zach’s hole. The generous lubrication and preparation Daryl had done allowed the tip of his cock to move easily past the initial resistance of his anus. He stopped and looked down at Zach with a questioning gaze.
“How are you?”
Zach concentrated on breathing steadily. “Okay so far. Work your way in a little at a time, though.”
Daryl pushed in another inch and Zach was astonished at the amount of burn and stretch. He wasn’t exactly a man whore, but he’d been around enough that he hadn’t thought being with Daryl would take him back to his near-virginal days.
Daryl bore down again and Zach gritted his teeth, screwing his eyes shut.
“I should stop.”
Zach’s eyes flew open and he saw the worried expression on Daryl’s face. Zach had rested his calves on Daryl’s shoulders and Daryl had wrapped his arms around Zach’s legs, embracing his ankles. Zach reached up to grab one of Daryl’s wrists.
“Don’t, please. Just take it slow, that’s all.”
Daryl’s lips were pressed together in a hard line, but he nodded. “You’ll let me know if it becomes too much.”
He said it as a statement and a glimpse of the Daryl who had been so upset with him at the scene of the explosion peeked through.
“I will. Promise.”
Zach closed his eyes again and focused on breathing and relaxing. Daryl pushed in some more and it wasn’t as bad. Even the small amount of time they’d taken to speak had helped to soften him that much more.
There were two more gentle thrusts and Daryl was seated in his ass.
Talk about full. Fuck.
“Zach? You with me?”
He opened his eyes and gazed up at Daryl. There was still that worried look on his face. It was the look of someone who gave a shit, really gave a shit about another person. Zach gave him bonus points since Daryl’s cock was probably screaming at him to get a move on already.
“I’m with you. Fuck me. I want you to.”
The first slide out then back in was slow, but burned like hell. As Daryl’s pace gradually increased, the burning dissipated and the yearning deep in his gut increased. Daryl was so big there wasn’t the slightest chance his prostate would be neglected. However, Daryl made sure to angle himself in a way that it pegged him nicely. Nice enough that after all the torment his cock had been through, there was a decent chance he would be able to come without any contact from Daryl’s skilled fingers.
Increasing the speed of his thrusts, Daryl grabbed harder onto Zach’s ankles and bit down on the fleshy part of his leg. It hurt then the sensation immediately went to his dick. Daryl soothed the spot he’d clamped on with his tongue and Zach forgot all about worrying over whether he could handle Daryl being inside of him and lost himself to the pleasure of the whole experience.
Daryl’s fucking became more erratic, and droplets of sweat fell on Zach from his lover’s efforts. He gasped as Daryl used his hand to encircle his aching cock. There was barely a chance for Daryl to give it a few tugs and a yell so loud came out of Zach he hadn’t even been aware he was capable of such a sound. His body spasmed and jerked over and over to the point where he had the bizarre thought his orgasm would never end. Despite how pissed off he’d been at Daryl for teasing him, the end result was spectacular.
Staying with him, Daryl yanked his dick some more while he growled out his own release, the pulsing inside Zach’s channel more pronounced than he’d ever felt before. He decided that a big cock in his ass was a good thing.
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