Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Promo: Sweet Secrets by Constance Munday

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To celebrate the release of Sweet Secrets, Totally Bound are giving you the chance to win a bundle of eBooks.

Blurb for Sweet Secrets:
What will happen when dark secrets threaten a perfect recipe for happiness and newfound love?
Left on her own, Carrie Ann decides it is time to escape her past, empower herself and overcome her confidence issues by turning her secret hobby of erotic cake design into a business. Her world is then turned upside down when she bumps into dynamic and sexy Dominic. Unwittingly, Carrie Ann sows the seeds of disaster from day one, weaving a web of deceit, and before she knows it the lies are multiplying.
As news of her baking brilliance spreads, romance grows. Now, only one thing can ruin their happiness and that is Carrie Ann’s dark deceptions and the battle she is fighting within herself. Will she be strong enough to overcome a past that is set to destroy her dreams for the future and tell Dominic the truth, or will she lose him forever?
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 Excerpt from Sweet Secrets:

In her fantasy, she slips off her coat. Underneath she has on the short black dress and she realises she looks amazingly good in it. Of course, in her reverie she is not half as plain as she thinks. She has had one of those miraculous transformations through love. Latham has made her metamorphose like the ugly duckling, and when she glances in the mirror, she thinks she is glowing. With this outer transformation comes a transformation in her mind and soul too. It is as if Latham has lit a fuse and that fuse is slowly travelling up her and igniting every inch of her. The feelings that race through her are not surprising because she knows what’s lurking inside. The emotions, buried deep, needed a man like Latham to start the snowball effect. Latham is speechless. He steps back, amazed she can scrub up so well, when she doesn’t have icing smudges on her nose and spun sugar stuck in her hair. That’s good, because he’ll have even more of a shock when he knows what other secrets she’s hiding. She runs her tongue over her lips in invitation. It seems the natural thing to do as she thinks how much she would like to eat him. He looks super cool. He’s dressed in designer jeans and a white shirt, stylishly undone by about three buttons. His shaggy hair is a neat frame for his sexy face.
“You look amazing. Kind of different to how I imagined.”
“Thanks.” She brushes past him, giving him a teasing look.
Latham does not hang back when it comes to seduction, he grabs her waist and Carrie Ann explodes, the sensations shoot right the way through her like a pulse of electricity. He stands there and nuzzles her neck and she fizzes and pops, tilting her head so he can run his tongue over her bare neck.
Beneath her dress amazing things are going on. Her body seems to have become one vibrating note of pleasure. Sometimes the vibrations are slow, sometimes fast. Every time he runs his tongue behind her ear, she experiences a corresponding tug between her legs as if his tongue has somehow moved down and is nestling between her dips and folds and is playing there. Latham is an expert with her zipper. He lifts her dress away and lets it drop to the floor. She stands with him drawing her back against his erection. She is wearing only a small pair of lace briefs and a bra.
His hands moved in staccato teasing movements over her skin. She is not a waif, she is aware of her bulges, but she has tried to make the best of them. Latham squeezes her hips. “I like you, Carrie Ann. Dining out on those stick thin women gets so wearing. I’ve been searching for a real woman like you all my life. Besides which…” He cups her breast, her nipples springing nicely erect. “I always had a thing for a woman with brains and you certainly have those. You’re bloody amazing.”

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