Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: The Ideal Side of Love by Blak Rayne


Average, but extraordinary, and only twice in a lifetime.

Stephen Prichard is a resilient and self-made man that has it all, a successful business, great husband, and a summer condo on the waterfront, until life throws a curve ball. After twelve years together, his husband Myron dies of cancer, leaving Stephen to confront a future of uncertainties alone. 

Then, fate lends a hand when not one, but two chance encounters with the same stranger put his feelings to the test. First and second impressions are lasting. Stephen longs for companionship, and the stranger is attractive, however, he's also enigmatic and cold, and the memories of Myron are still painfully fresh. 

Can a man Stephen barely knows renew his faith in love? But more importantly, is he willing to let go of the past?

My Thoughts: 

** I received this book free from the author through the DBML (Don't Buy My Love) Program in the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads.**

I had so many emotions pulled from me while reading this book, I am not even sure where to begin. The story starts with Stephen and Myron. Stephen easily falls in love and has been through the wringer so he doesn't want to jump into yet another relationship without taking a good long time analyzing all the angles. Once they take the jump there is no looking back, they get married and have years together, but then Myron takes ill and dies. Stephen spends the next few years merely surviving, then he meets Carson. Carson makes Stephen want to live again and there is definitely some smexy chemistry.

I really loved Stephen and Myron and then Carson and Stephen. Carson took a bit for me to warm up to, but I eventually did and I loved him too. Carson and Stephen both had a few issues, but in the end they were able to finally get passed them and open up. One thing I didn't like was the attack on Stephen. I wondered how he was able to get over it so quickly, but I guess some people just deal with things differently and maybe he just brushed it off.

Overall I definitely enjoyed this book and would love to read more from Blak Rayne in the future.

Rating: 4 Stars

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