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Blog Tour: The Case of the Heavenly Host by: LG Fabbo-Gonnella

The Case of the Heavenly Host 

(A Mark Julian, Vampire P.I. Mystery #3)

Author:  L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella
Publisher:  Ai Press; 2 edition (December 10, 2014)
Book Length:  141 pages
Genre:  Gay, Vampire, Romance, Mystery, Series

Book Blurb:
This is a series that takes place in NYC and involves a vampire, Mark Julian, who is the nephew of Augustus Caesar. He is a private investigator to the city’s supernatural community. He meets and falls in love with a human Detective named Vinnie Pasquale.

His secretary, a sex demon shape shifter named Jaime, who loves to dress in the style of  the 1940’s, assists Mark. By book two she meets her future love, Jean-Claude, the crown prince of the City’s major werewolf clan.

Mark and friends solve cases while battling wits with Tortego. He is the autocratic head of the supernatural city govt, a former head of the Spanish  Inquisition and a vampire who fears losing power to democratic counsel reformers like Jean-Claude.

By book ten you meet a cast that runs to approx., twenty and the reader not only has a mystery case in each book but also reads about power struggles, frustrated loves,  prejudice against mixed supernatural couplings etc. unfold during the books thus far.

My Thoughts:
I had not read books one and two prior to this tour so I jumped on the chance to read all three books. As a series these books kept me entertained. There was a good blend of Mystery and Paranormal and both are favorites of mine so I was all in. Once I finished book one I had to dive into books two and three right away. I will definitely be reading more by this author in the future.

Together Once More

Despite Mark’s eagerness to dive right into the investigation, he realized he needed to be patient until the next day when the names Raphael promised would be provided to him. He left his office for home thinking that at the very least he could discuss the general outlines of job he was undertaking with his lover. He had long
realized that, as a NYC detective, Vinnie’s perspective on cases was a valuable resource.

Unfortunately Vinnie was not home when he arrived. Hoping to secure any possible information about the sword’s whereabouts Mark pulled out a Bible that Vinnie’s mom had given to her son.

Though there were passages mentioning the Archangel Michael, nothing in any of them indicated what had been the fate of his sword. He was soon frustrated. With no other ideas on what to do next, he decided he would try to get some much needed sleep until Vinnie’s return.

Despite his best efforts however, all he could think about his current lack of a clear plan to successfully complete the job. He was still tossing and turning in their bed at three in the morning when an exhausted Vinnie got back to their apartment. The PI heard his lover making the same type of racket he always did when he was late getting home at night, while endearingly trying not to be noisy. Somehow the brawny New York City detective was simply incapable of being quiet. Mark sighed, just happy to know his soon-to-be spouse had arrived back safely.

While he listened to Vinnie showering he wondered about the case the latter was currently assigned too.  Normally they shared the details of their respective cases, but this one had become the exception to that rule. For some reason, Vinnie was under strict orders not to divulge any of the facts about it to anyone. Although he had tried to pry something from Vinnie, the latter had insisted he had given his word of honor to keep silent. Once Mark heard that he stopped all further inquiries on the matter. Vinnie took great pride in keeping his promises and he did not want to be the cause of the detective not keeping such a commitment. Vinnie’s belief in keeping one’s personal integrity was another quality that bound them even closer.

He heard the shower go off and then a few minutes later, Vinnie’s quiet footsteps moving toward their bed.  Bad day, hon?” Mark quizzed.

“Always a bad day,” Vinnie muttered. “About to get better.”

In a few seconds Mark felt the powerful presence of his lover’s  well-muscled, taller frame spooning close to his own back. Mark wanted to inform Vinnie right away about the day’s events.

Vinnie’s actions however, clearly indicated he had something other  than a nice chat in his mind. As he felt the heat of his lover’s torso pressed against him, Mark decided to simply enjoy the moment.

They had the rest of the night to discuss the location of a sword.

“God, I miss you every second of every waking moment.” Vinnie  kissed Mark’s ear before beginning a sensual nibbling. His bristly five o’clock shadow erotically scraped along the surface of the side of Mark’s neck. The vampire felt his heart beat faster as familiar sensations of pure arousal flared.

“Oh, you do, huh,” Mark whispered as he pushed himself  backward into Vinnie’s powerful embrace. He sensually wiggled his rump against Vinnie’s aroused manhood until, as he hoped, he felt his partner moan with delight.

“Oh, babe,” Vinnie grunted as he pulled Mark tighter towards him.

The detective kissed the now tender skin of Mark’s neck. His warm breath brushed against the vampire’s hair. “More,” Mark mumbled as he used his hips to wiggle his rump faster across Vinnie’s growing erection.

“Fuck,” Vinnie gasped as he humped against Mark’s backside.

Soon both men were fully erect.

“Definitely.” Mark sighed.

“Oh babe, I’m so beat I don’t think I have the energy.” Vinnie chuckled, even as the erection that was pressing on Mark’s rear seemed to indicate otherwise.

Mark shifted around so that he could face Vinnie. His own respectable arousal now pressed against his lover’s. “Really? Too tired?” He teased as he leaned his head forward towards Vinnie’s so they could kiss. Vinnie’s slowly traced the outline Mark’s lips with the tip of his tongue while Mark let his right hand descend between their bodies to fondle Vinnie’s nipples. This action brought gasps from his partner as they stiffened under Mark’s grip.

“Well, maybe not that tired.” Vinnie groaned as he reached downward to firmly take their joint hardness into a grip of his own.

He slowly pumped them both as they continued kissing. By now their bodies were sweating. “Mark, I love you man.” Vinnie hissed in the height of ecstasy, as he rested his head on Mark’s shoulder.

“Same, babe.” Mark let himself float on the erotic stimulations being created by Vinnie’s expert mutual masturbation. Soon Vinnie was nipping on Mark’s ear, knowing this drove the latter to an even higher state of arousal. Mark responded by increasing his own manual stimulation of Vinnie’s nipples. With the patient skill of longtime sexual partners, each had by now an instinctive knowledge of precisely what turned on the other. The room filled with their panting. Mark knew that both were edging closer towards a climax.

“Aw yes.” Vinnie groaned………………..

Author Bio: 
L. G. Fabbo-Gonnella is a resident of the NYC metropolitan area. Since an early age he has been interested in "Dr. Who", all things vampire, the late 1940's noir movie style, pulp fictions and murder mysteries.

When not writing he can usually be found at his version of the "Letter Lounge" drinking a chilled cocktail with friends. Although he does not know of any vampires, he holds out the hope to one-day bump into one in a non-lethal encounter.

Author Contact Links:

Email:  l.g.fabbo.gonnella@gmail.com     
Facebook:  Mystery writings of L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mystery-writings-of-LG-Fabbo-Gonnella/433214210103946

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 Book 1
The Case of the Choirboy Killer
·         Print Length: 135 pages
·         Genre:  Gay, Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Series
·         Publisher: Ai Press; 2 edition (June 23, 2014)
·         Blurb:
·                     Mark Julian is New York’s only private eye for the supernatural. He has a job to do, one that includes not getting romantically involved with humans. Until a feeding frenzy on gay men crosses his path with irresistible Detective Vincent Pasquale of the NYPD. The paranormal world is about to collide with the human world, in more ways than one… 

The city is being hit by a wave of killings where the victims share two things in common: 1) they are gay and, 2) they have been drained of blood. The press is having a field day using a witness’ description to label him as “the choirboy killer” and the gay community is up in arms. Worse the local vampire council is convinced the killer one of their own who has gone rogue and is intentionally committing these activities as an affront the entire undead community. “I mean we just don’t act this way here,” sniffed the head of the council, “I mean this is New York City after all!” 

The council goes to the only person from their community who they think can find the killer and end his reign. Mark Julian, a vampire like themselves and New York’s only private eye for the supernatural world. With the help of his secretary Jaime, an incubus-succubus changeling sex demon he begins the hunt. His only major problem is that one of New York’s finest is also on the trail of the fiend who is dispatching the city’s citizens. When hunky detective Vincent Pasquale and Julian cross paths the gay detective finds the well-built handsome law officer is not only impeding his quiet search but also, for the first time in centuries, getting him heated up as well. Will they join forces or will one of them fall victim to the sensational choirboy killer? 

Bonus Feature: The Curious Case of the Runaway Incubus 

Buy Link:

Book 2

The Case of the Strega's Touch
·         Print Length: 139 pages
·         Publisher: Ai Press; 2 edition (July 14, 2014)
·         Genre: Gay, Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Mystery, Series
·         Blurb:
·                 With a civil war between vampires and werewolves looming, the last thing Mark Julian, Vampire, P.I. needs is romantic entanglement with sexy human detective Vincent Pasquale. It’s all spinning out of control… 

The crown prince of the werewolf clan has disappeared and Tortego, his vampire enemy on the city’s supernatural governing body, is suspected. With a horrific werewolf vs. vampire civil war now looming the crafty Tortego has once more turned to Mark Julian for help in finding the lost prince. But Mark is knee deep in his own problems. After the first rushes of romance his relationship with the very human Detective Vinnie Pasquale is getting tricky. 

To complicate matters further Vinnie’s mother has a personal request for her son’s boyfriend, Mark. She wants him to find out who killed and mutilated her best friend’s dog. With Jaime’s itching to join in the cases will it all turn out all right in the end or, is a werewolf/vampire all-out war and a personal breakup for him on his horizons. 

Also two bonus stories: The Case That Marked the Beginning and The Panicky Case of the Cucciolo di lupo_ 

Publisher’s note: This book was previously published. It has been edited for re-release with Ai Press. 

Buy Link:


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