Monday, April 22, 2013

Series Reviews: Born series by Cynthia Arsuaga

Born To Be Wild (book 1)-

Goodreads Summary:

Alexandra Carlton, Alex to her friends, the only girl born into a family of vampire hunters with strict rules. She lives and hunts by the Code. Despite insecurities and self-esteem issues about her appearance, she eagerly tracks a rogue vamp carrying a contagious virus, deadly to vampires and humans alike, to prove her worth, to her family and herself.

Alex meets Stefan Marin, a brooding 500 year old vampire. He helps her not only on her quest but tames her wildest passions and discovers the true beauty within her, the beauty he can't help but fall in love with.

Together, Alex and Stefan break all the rules uncovering more than a virus—hot sex, an uptight FBI Special Agent, spanking, hot sex, a nosy, meddling brother, more hot sex, bondage and submission, murder, and bad vampires.

Will their love survive the wild side they were born to live?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this story, but it took me quite awhile to really get into it. That happens a lot with first books so I kept going. I really liked Stefan and Alex together. Stefans Dominance was extremely sexy too!
One thing that turned me off was the decision Stefan made while in captivity, regarding his actions with Cat. I wasn't expecting that and I couldn't stand her! It was hot don't get me wrong, its just that it was her.
I was very eager to dive into book two by the time I finished this one. I would recommend this book as it was an interesting read.

Overall Rating: 3*

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Born To Play (book2)-

Goodreads Summary:

Candi Hartz, is a romance author in a loveless marriage. One fateful night, she follows the cheating husband to the local vampire sex club and meets the vamp owner. Her life takes a drastic turn when with one kiss she enters the world she only read about.

Gregori Van Zant is a dangerous vampire. As the head of the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family of vampires, he can have any vamp or human woman at his disposal. One night, a captivating woman walks into his club and he devises a plan.

The two lovers come together and sign a contract—an exchange of sex for research. Candi is born to play and Gregori is anxious to show her. An old enemy of Gregori’s arrives unexpectedly and disrupts their plans. With a final battle looming on the horizon, will the two fated lovers find love eternal or will death play a part?


My Thoughts:

This is the second book in the series and it was excellent! I loved Candi and Gregori, they were a fantastic and well written couple!
I loved the way that Gregori was with Candi, the care and compassion he showed while still being a dominant was breathtaking.
I highly recommend this title and I am looking forward to reading book three very soon!

Overall Rating: 5*

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