Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review Rewind (#4): Finding a Dream (Conquest #4) by S.J Frost

Review Rewind (#4):
This is my last Review Rewind for S.J Frost. I have read the next two stories in the series and those review posts will be coming next week. I can't stress enough how amazing this entire series has been you simply must give it a try. I am sure you will love it, as I do.

Goodreads Summary:
Bullied and harassed at school for his sexuality, Dillon Davis can’t see his life getting any better, but he can see it getting worse. Depressed, wounded in spirit and body, he’s nearing a point of hopelessness, until he sees a picture of his favorite stage actor, Brandon Alexander, with his partner, Shunichi Miyamoto. At learning Shunichi runs a karate dojo, a spark of hope comes to Dillon of learning to defend himself, and most of all, meeting Brandon.

Brandon Alexander is filled with compassion for Dillon the moment he meets him. He knows all too well what it’s like to be scorned for being gay. He and Shunichi want nothing more than to help him, but when Dillon never returns to the dojo, they fear what’s happened to him.

My Thoughts:
This is book 4 in the Conquest series. I loved that Jesse and Evan had a cameo in this book, but didn't take away from the focus of the story. Brandon & Shun played a much bigger roll in helping out Dillon. The fact that they didn't even hesitate to do so made me love them that much more. I hope we get to see Dillon again at some point in the future. This series is so amazing, I think everyone needs to read it.

I have only read this one once, so far, and I just finished it in January. I will reread it at some point as with the rest of the series. I think this one really hits hard on the facts that kids today are bullied relentlessly and that there are people out there that can and will help.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5*!

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