Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Born Again In Dreams (Born Vampire #3) by Cynthia Arsuaga

Goodreads Summary:

The Master of His Domain

Sorin Bochinsky, Master and Commander of the Eastern European Blood Family, controls everyone and everything around him, except the woman of his dreams with the face of an angel prevents his needed rest. She’s the light to his dark, scarred and pained existence. The search begins to find her before he goes insane.

An Angel Awakens

Merliah Travers suffered more than serious injuries from a car accident over four years ago. She awakens in a place where the pain and scars have hidden her away from the world. A fantasy lover leads her out of the darkness and into the light, then discovers a special ability acquired during the coma has put her in danger with a fanatic killer.

Two lost, scarred souls battle a psychopath and their inner demons to unite as one, to never be alone, and be born again in dreams, forever.

My Thoughts:

This is the third book of the series and I loved it! Sorin is my favorite guy so far, I just loved him and how he kept fighting for what he wanted. I really liked Liah too, and it isn't often that I like the heroine as much as the hero.

Liah's ability involving her paintings was completely fascinating! It was definitely a very original twist. I am hoping we get to see this couple again. I want more Sorin!

Overall Rating: 5*

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